The Bulwark: To "Save Democracy", Republicans Must Become Democrats

Remember when the Never Trumper pitch was that they were just passionate conservatives opposed to President Trump. Now Trump is out of office, and like the Lincoln Project (until that whole awkward grooming scandal broke out), the Never Trumper project at The Bulwark is moving full steam ahead.

But that's not surprising because the leading Never Trumper outlet is funded by Pierre Omidyar, the richest man in Hawaii, who funds the radical leftist, The Intercept, along with The Nation and Mother Jones.

The new pitch is that to protect democracy, Republicans must become... Democrats.

And who better to make that pitch than The Bulwark's premiere "conservative" Obama donor and Elizabeth Warren supporter... Richard North Patterson.

Richard North Patterson, a Hillary, Pelosi, and Obama donor, who has worked with the Brady Campaign and J Street, recently churned out a piece claiming that Trump is just a "symptom" of income inequality and proposed "profoundly conservative" models like FDR's New Deal to solve all that inequality.

Patterson’s Bulwark articles routinely feature illustrations of Warren doing heroic things under headlines like, “The Case for Progressive Capitalism” or “Why Elizabeth Warren Matters”. 

Patterson was also an anti-Israel activist with J Street. That, like Omidyar's cash, doesn't bother anyone at The Bulwark.

Now Patterson has a message for "conservatives". Help the Socialists take over America and turn it into a one-party state. And then you guys will get your turn.

To Save Democracy, Principled Conservatives Must Ally with Democrats - Richard North Patterson

Nothing says conservative principles like maximizing government power, taxes, and dead babies to stop the threat of... what again?

"Sadly the GOP is no longer what Daniel Patrick Moynihan once labeled a party of ideas. Today it is a party of atavistic tribalism rooted in perpetuating minority rule," Patterson writes.

 Moynihan had actually predicted the "atavistic tribalism rooted in perpetuating minority rule" that the Democrats have become. If you doubt that, just try saying, "All Lives Matter".

I'll skip over Patterson's purple prose in which the former bad novelist regurgitates media talking points at novel length, and cut to the sales pitch.

America needs a responsible center-right party which competes with Democrats over how to navigate our challenging future. But the initial goal must be rallying alienated Republicans and independents to prevent this mutant GOP from regaining power—first, by supporting Joe Biden and his party; second, by embracing reforms which will reopen participatory democracy—and, by extension, create space for the reemergence of reasoned Republicanism.

Until then, I respectfully submit, it would be misbegotten to divert likeminded voters in the quixotic tasks of seeking to transform the GOP or forming a third party—either of which would bleed votes from the only current bulwark of democracy: the Democrats.

Vote for a one-party state and we'll surely let you compete 'responsibly' in our one-party state in which all elections begin and end with Democrat primaries the way that they do in the democratic havens of California and New York.

Or maybe we'll just falsely accuse you of racism, just like we did McCain and Romney, the moment you stop being our useful idiots and actually run against us.

The Never Trumper pitch is now, "save democracy by becoming Democrats." The question is when will Never Trumpers realize that this wasn't about President Trump. It was about the Left's need to find useful idiots to help them take over and destroy America.