Democrats Plan to Extend Military Occupation of D.C. Until Fall

The real question is will the Democrats pull out of Afghanistan or D.C. first.

 An internal e-mail obtained by FOX 5 reveals members of the National Guard might still be in D.C. through the Fall of 2021.

The National Security Council is asking the Department of Defense to engage Capitol Police on planning for post-March 12th support, according to the e-mail.

The National Security Council is the Biden administration. There should be no more pretense that this is coming out of the military or even the FBI. This is Biden.

Eleanor Holmes is blathering something about FBI chatter.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton told FOX 5 that D.C. doesn’t want to keep National Guard troops in the city indefinitely, but she’d prefer having more troops in D.C. over erecting a permanent fence—as the acting Capitol Police chief proposed.

“Given what we are seeing or what the FBI and others are seeing in the chatter, I think that having human beings here as opposed to the proposal to put up permanent fencing is much to be desired,” she said.

Good news, you've got both.

The FBI chatter was about protests. None of those have materialized. And 99% of the time we hear about "chatter", it never materializes. But if there's anything happening, then the FBI, and the multiple local police forces have more than enough resources to stave off anything short of a Visigoth invasion.

Are we supposed to believe that 10,000 people could show up in D.C. before the National Guard could be mobilized again? 

This is fascist theater. It serves no legitimate purposes. Florida, Texas, and conservative states have pulled their guardsmen out of Biden's illegal occupation. It's time for other states to follow suit or face tough questions about just what they're expecting.


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