The Funniest Part of This Fauci Interview is in the 1st Paragraph

The Telegraph interview with Fauci, now free to court Democrats by openly bashing President Trump, is his usual patented shtick, combining reassurance and vagueness, faux humility and self-promotion, but the funniest part is in the first paragraph.

It is not easy to secure an interview with Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost infectious disease expert, amid the worst pandemic in a century.

Really? Every single cable news network and news network in the country would disagree.

Fauci has spent much of the pandemic on television in one way or another under the pretext that he was communicating with and reassuring a worried public. But The Telegraph is a British paper. Was there any urgent need for Fauci to reassure the public of another country? 

Sure, why not.

When we finally come face to face on Zoom, an hour after Donald Trump’s impeachment trial began in the Senate, he apologises. I joke about him having more urgent priorities, like saving the world. ‘Something like that,’ he chuckles from his office in Bethesda, Maryland, munching a cookie by way of a belated lunch and sporting a Stanford University fleece over his shirt and tie.

Something like that. Saving the world. Talking about himself. Who can tell the difference anymore?


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