The Gascon Recall Will Test Whether LA is a Lost Cause

The Newsom recall is grinding forward. And there's hope for it because California, despite some preconceptions, isn't a lost cause. The Democrats rigged elections and poisoned the political system with some of the same tactics that they deployed in 2020. But when there's enough of an independent electorate, there's hope. That's why lefties lost several of their big campaigns, including property tax caps repeal, despite being backed by Zuckerberg's big bucks.

The same wasn't true in Los Angeles where the voters not only doubled down on every terrible lefty policy, but ousted DA Jackie Lacey, who's black, in favor of George Gascon, a lefty pro-crime extremist backed by Soros and BLM. It didn't take long for Gascon's overt support for criminals to set off an uprising.

He's been denounced by the families of victims, sued by prosecutors, and is now facing a recall.

 Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who had run as a progressive alternative, tilted increasingly toward law enforcement, even while some of the lefties who had backed him, began calling him 'Trumpian'.  Sheriff Villanueva was one of Gascon's most vocal critics and is backing the recall. The ethnic politics of the situation aside, with a Latino sheriff working to topple a Latino DA, the Gascon recall will test to see whether LA is utterly hopeless. Even while many residents are fleeing, Los Angelinos continue voting for every terrible lefty tax, policy, and politician that the media tells them to support. And this will be the acid test.

Crime is rising, violent attacks are everywhere, and it's routine to hear people on the liberal side say that they don't want to raise their children in Los Angeles.

And yet, I suspect that they'll vote for the same broken system before decamping to Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, or Texas to repeat the cycle.



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