The Inauguration Threat Went Nowhere, So Did the Impeachment Threat, Now It's a State of the Union Threat

The Democrat pretext for their illegal military occupation of Washington D.C. keeps shifting. First, there were supposed to be attacks during Biden's inauguration. There weren't any. 

Then there were supposed to be attacks during impeachment. Ditto.

Now they're pushing a terror threat during the State of the Union address.

It's starting to seem as if the phantom terror menace will just be attached to any D.C. political calendar event. And even when it doesn't materialize, they'll just move the goalposts to the next event, while keeping the terror threat going.

The current claim of a bombing plot during the State of the Union address by "militias" does not require 7,500 or so troops in the city. The various police forces and law enforcement personnel have more than enough manpower to deal with a bombing plot.

The whole argument for deploying the military was that the 2,000 officers of the Capitol Police couldn't hand a large riot, even though every other police force has coped with Black Lives Matter riots on at least the same scale.

A bomb plot isn't a massive riot. It's a job for the FBI and assorted police. It's not an excuse for an extended military occupation.


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