Kamala's White Husband Plays the Race Card

"And that guy married to that girl was me."

The only thing more awkward than Kamala Harris playing the race card on her own behalf, is having her white industry entertainment lawyer with a house in Brentwood play it.

And play it hard.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff reflected on the “powerful” impact of the Supreme Court landmark ruling in Loving v. Virginia legalizing interracial marriage, saying he would not have been married to Vice President Harris if not for that decision.

“For hundreds of years, you could not literally marry somebody that you loved because of their race. I would not be married to Kamala Harris but for that Supreme Court decision,” Emhoff, who has been married to Harris since 2014, said.

“I've worked on hundreds and hundreds of cases as a lawyer and you know what goes into these decisions and how much hard work and you see the lawyers and the efforts right there in front of you and then I'm living the decision,” he continued.

Doug is really some lawyer. Does the "Virginia" part of Loving v. Virginia mean anything to him? Virginia isn't California. California was actually the first state to strike down interracial marriage laws back in the forties. Doug was around 3 years old when Loving v. Virginia was decided, but he was a long way from being born when Perez v. Sharp was decided. But if Kamala Harris can claim that only busing allowed her to escape segregated Berkeley, the sky's the limit.

California had also banned interracial marriages for under a century, not for hundreds of years. People were still able to get married outside of California. 

I don't expect much from Emhoff as a human being, but he's not much of a lawyer either. And the constant attempts at playing the race card ring particularly false when coming from a white guy.

Doug's no Willie Brown.


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