The Media Went From Hyping Cuomo to Destroying Him Because It Fit the Left's Agenda

The media isn't "biased". It's a political operation. 

The speed with which the media went from frantically praising Cuomo to the skies to destroying him had nothing to do with new information emerging. The only "new" information was a leak from fellow Democrats which told everyone in the media what they already knew. The shift was purely political.

Under President Trump, Cuomo was useful to draw a contrast with a "successful" effort to deal with the pandemic. That the success was more of a death camp didn't matter. The political narrative did. Under Biden, Cuomo had outlived his usefulness. And the Left began preparing to clear the ground in New York.

Assemblyman Ron Kim, who is at the center of taking on Cuomo, was one of New York's loudest Bernie Sanders supporters. The Left, after previously ignoring Cuomo's nursing home deaths, have shifted to prepping for a primary election that will continue their push to oust establishment New York Democrats and replace them with the likes of AOC, Bowman, and even worse radicals. They don't care about dead nursing home residents, but they do care about power.

Ditto for the media.

The media shifted from talking up "Cuomosexuals" to destroying Cuomo because it exists as the messaging operation for the Left.

The speed with which the media shifted gears from the extremes of hype to destruction is purely Orwellian. It's another reminder that we don't have anything resembling a free press. What we have is a curated political echo chamber that exists to spew propaganda that will bring the Left to power.


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