#MeToo and #BLM Were Pretexts for Massive Cultural Power Grabs

The hashtag identity politics activism that generated #MeToo and then #BLM has little to show for it except increased misery. MeToo got rid of a handful of real monsters like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, whose abuses were hardly a secret, a group of second-tier creeps like Charlie Rose whose abuses were more obnoxious than dangerous, and ended up giving a pass to other public figures whose political standing was more secure, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has his career fully restored to him. It also scapegoated countless people over minor, perceived, or invented offenses while creating a state of victimhood.

And that, not punishing a few prominent predators, was its real goal.

#MeToo redefined, once again, men as perpetrators and women as victims. That it accomplished very little on the ground for actual people was by design.

Lefty causes are more about perception and power than about reality. The reengineering of Hollywood that helped make the current frenzied landscape in which political purges are rapid and the center of power has shifted from industry professionals to activists began with #MeToo. #BLM, though it had nothing to do with Hollywood, added the final touch, finalizing the transformation of everything from award show voting to hiring and project approval in Hollywood.

#BLM did not do anything good for black people. Just the opposite. It unleashed a wave of crime whose biggest impact was felt in black communities. 

But both #BLM and #MeToo provided pretexts for large-scale political purges under the guise of an urgent crisis. It turned huge populations into victims and used that claim of victimhood to allow key lefty activists to seize power. 

Especially over the culture.

The Left follows a well-worn pattern of exploiting or manufacturing a social, cultural, or economic crisis and using it to perpetrate a massive power grab. The states of emergency never stop. And neither do the identity politics.


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