New York Times Sneers at Religion of President Trump's Impeachment Lawyer

When lefty elites aren't sneering at Evangelical Christians, they're sneering at Catholics, and when they're not doing that, they're sneering at Orthodox Jews.

And thus the New York Times somehow decided that this was a story, "Trump Lawyer Asks to Pause Impeachment Trial if It Runs Into Sabbath".

Why exactly turn this into a news story except as hatebait?  This is not a major story. It's a minor detail. Yet somehow the New York Times decided to put two reporters, including the absolutely execrable Maggie Haberman on the job of turning this into an entire story.

In a letter obtained by The New York Times, the lawyer, David Schoen, asked that the trial be suspended if it was not finished by the beginning of the Sabbath at 5:24 p.m. on Friday, and that it not reconvene until Sunday.

“I apologize for the inconvenience my request that impeachment proceedings not be conducted during the Jewish Sabbath undoubtedly will cause other people involved in the proceedings,” Mr. Schoen said in the letter. “The practices and prohibitions are mandatory for me, however; so, respectfully, I have no choice but to make this request.”

Orthodox Jews, like myself, follow the biblical commandment not to work on the Sabbath. What is the actual story here? Oh yes, Maggie starts selling the idea that this will delay the trial.

While the leaders have yet to agree on a precise timetable for the trial, which is set to begin on Tuesday, people familiar with the process had said they were planning for a proceeding that was very likely to stretch into the night on Friday and continue on Saturday... But members of both parties are hoping for a speedy trial. Democrats, knowing there are almost certainly not enough votes to convict Mr. Trump, want the process over quickly to avoid any further distractions from President Biden’s agenda

So the Democrats, according to the Times, want a speedy trial, and yet intend to draw it out until Saturday. One of these things contradicts the other. 

There's really nothing to even do at this "trial", which is unconstitutional and which the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will not be taking part in. The entire Democrat case is based on a baseless claim that President Trump somehow incited a riot by using the word "fight" in a speech in which he asked people to march peacefully. This isn't the basis for a trial. In any sane system, it's the basis for having your case laughed out of any court, human or kangaroo, in 5 minutes or less.

What are the Democrats going to do to build on this? Nothing. They don't have a case, they don't have the votes, but they intend to keep this going for at least 5 days, even while the Times claims that they want a speedy conclusion.

 If they moved to fast-track the trial to ensure it was concluded by sundown Friday, it would make for by far the speediest presidential impeachment trial in history. 

Since this isn't an impeachment trial, and they have no case, and they rushed to impeach at high speed, that should be no problem.

But Maggie and the New York Times have decided to blame a religious Jewish lawyer for some sort of imaginary grand crisis about how the Democrats will now have to rush an impeachment trial based entirely around the use of the word "fight" in a speech in only 5 days.

The horror, the humanity. 

"If they suspended it as Mr. Schoen has asked, the proceeding could bleed into a federal holiday on Monday and what was supposed to be a holiday week for the Senate, when its members were supposed to get a break to go home to their states."

Come on, you can't ask Senate members to skip their vacations.

If leaders opted instead to delay it further, that would punt planned action on confirming Mr. Biden’s nominees and advancing his pandemic aid bill.

Maybe you guys shouldn't have put impeachment ahead of the aid bill? Or I guess the New York Times can blame it on the Jews. 

“While I would not, of course, want to in any way interfere with anyone’s religious observance on Sunday, perhaps since the proceedings do not commence each day until the afternoon, Sunday proceedings will not affect anyone else’s religious practice (e.g. church attendance),” he wrote.

I'm not sure about the church attendance, but some Democrats might have plans to join BLM in setting the Church of Presidents on fire again.


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