New York Times Writes Entire Article About Lincoln Project Sex Scandal Which Fails to Mention Biden

How was the media going to handle the sex scandal at the Lincoln Project, which had worked to elect Joe Biden and Democrats? 

Obviously by insisting that they're Republicans.

The New York Times went from touting Lincoln Project ads in the election to pretending that they're Republicans. And so the Times produced an article about the Lincoln Project which never mentions the word, "Biden" or "Democrats". 

This is as close as the Times gets around to indirectly referencing what the Lincoln Project was doing.

"He said he was looking for young people who were creative and invested in this upcoming election,” Mr. Covell said, adding, “I was obviously interested.”

What election?

The Times describes the Lincoln Project as anti-Trump. But that's that. No mention of which party they were backing. That's a little like talking about the World Series while only mentioning the other team.

The Lincoln Project outlived its usefulness and with its sex scandal, its operatives have now suddenly been rebranded as Republicans all over again with no mention of whose team they were playing for by the propaganda press of that team.


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