In Nursing Home Deaths, It's the Crime, Not the Cover Up

Or to modify the snappy headline, causing the foreseeable deaths of thousands of senior citizens is worse than trying to cover up their deaths.

Yes, sometimes the cover-up is worse than the crime. And that's usually because there is no crime or the crime doesn't amount to much.

Governor Cuomo in New York is under fire because his administration was caught in a cover-up of nursing home deaths. But neither the cover-up nor the deaths were unusual. What happened was that enough lefty Democrats had turned on him, hoping to primary him, resulting in a leak of a call which provided evidence of a cover-up.

But the central issue remains the decision in New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, and a number of other states, to force nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients. And while Biden and his people are doing a delicate dance around Cuomo, Biden is bringing in Dr. Rick/Rachel Levine out of Pennsylvania.

Levine is getting cover-up questions, but the crime is worse than the cover-up.

Former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine faced tough questioning Thursday during a Senate confirmation hearing regarding reported discrepancies in state records on COVID-related nursing home deaths.  

Levine was nominated by President Biden to serve as assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services.

"You assured me that Pennsylvania did not do what New York did, that it accurately reported," Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said to Levine Thursday. "However, I am told that in September of 2020, Spotlight PA reported issues with inadequate disclosure of cases and deaths in nursing homes," she continued, pointing to facilities that were found to have reported "no data" while the facilities claimed they had.

Yes, Collins is right. But the cover-up itself is a secondary issue. And most Democrat states that forced nursing homes to take infected patients stonewalled on the data to some degree.

Calling out the cover-up counts. But not to the degree of making that the central issue. While the cover-ups create a damning air of corruption, the core issue is that Democrat leaders forced facilities containing some of the most vulnerable people around to take infected patients leading to mass deaths.

While New York has had some of the most catastrophic death tolls, things were really bad in Pennsylvania.

Six of the 10 long-term care facilities with the most COVID-19 deaths nationwide are in Pennsylvania, including two in the Lehigh Valley, according to data recently updated by the New York Times.

The official PA data lists 12,371 deaths at nursing homes. It means that its nursing homes alone are responsible for 2.5% of all the deaths in the country.

Biden is embracing the people behind that policy, including Rick Levine. And that point needs to be hammered home again and again.


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