Southern Poverty Law Center Calls for Expelling Half of Republicans in Congress


The Southern Poverty Law Center is no longer confining itself to listing bar signs and brands of oil as hate groups (not to mention, yours truly), it's going full coup.

In its Year in Hate, the SPLC demands that, "Congress should discipline, censure, or expel all of the 147 Senators and Representatives who supported the insurrection and baseless “Stop the Steal” lies by voting against Electoral College certification of President Biden’s victory."

That's about 56% of the Republican members of the House and Senate. 

Obviously, Congressional Black Caucus members who opposed certifying President Bush's win are just fine.

Then, the SPLC is calling for a South African style, "national truth, racial healing and transformation commission to examine the history of white supremacy and structural racism in the United States. This long-overdue truth and reconciliation commission would help the United States reckon with the injustices our country has committed and help spark a movement to eliminate racial discrimination."

Gulags and public executions to follow.

I'm starting to get nostalgic for the days when the SPLC was a shambolic scam that could barely define what a hate group was and listed a bar sign as a hate group to its current hyper-lefty incarnation that uses woke-speak and is calling for coups and national commissions.


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