The Strange House Democrat Impeachment Claim of an "Armed" Crowd

The House Democrat impeachment arguments are terrible. But there's one odd thing that stands out in their word salads of innuendo and conjecture. 

"Against this backdrop, President Trump addressed a crowd that he knew was armed and primed for violence," the House Democrat impeachment managers wrote in their rebuttal. "When he stood at the podium before thousands of his supporters, President Trump knew that they were armed and that they were angry."

These two references to an "armed crowd" are strange because no one has been accused of opening fire at the Capitol Riot. Even the worst actors seem to have resorted to using the usual rioter tools, sprays, poles, shields, and assorted objects that were weaponized, but were not weapons.

The tactical group that set out to breach the Capitol was well prepared but used no firearms to achieve its goals. And it planned its attack days before the event and started it while President Trump was speaking.

What are House Democrats talking about? As usual, no one seems to know or care. Not even them.


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