Unions Win, Parents and Students Lose Thanks to Democrats

There's a grim humor in all those frantic suburban moms who voted for Biden and Democrats because they thought he would fix this. The political cluelessness implicit in thinking that a party in hock to the very unions that have refused to return to in-person teaching would get their kids back to school is hilarious.

This isn't the fox watching the hen house. It's the rabid weasel. 

Biden ran on reopening schools. Then the moment the CDC director said schools could reopen, Jen Psaki rushed to shut her down and the current plan is to get kids back into school. 

Someday. At least before desperate parents create enough of a market for private schools that the only attendees in public school are future community organizers.

Psaki is currently talking up having students attending at least one day of school a week by April. 

But to paraphrase Albert Shanker, Joe will work for the students when they fund and organize his political campaigns. Until then...

First Lady Jill Biden, a teacher herself, welcomed the heads of the two top teachers unions to the White House on the administration’s first full day in office.

“Joe is going to be a champion for you,” she told them.

Unions over parents and students. It's the Democrat way.


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