Biden to Collaborate With Iran on Peace in Afghanistan

After September 11, Biden proposed sending a $200 million check to Iran.

This is almost as good of a plan from Tehran Joe. The United States wants to get out of Afghanistan. And that's what we should do. Unfortunately, every such effort seems to involve idiotic and pointless efforts at negotiating a deal with the Taliban. Any negotiations with the Taliban are a meaningless circus that only humiliate America and empower Al Qaeda's Islamist allies. Any deal that we reach will be worthless. Just like it was in Vietnam.

The lesson should have been, win or withdraw, but don't waste time negotiating with your enemies.

The Biden administration, like his former boss, loves negotiating and is trying to bring Iran into a process for bringing peace to Afghanistan.

The Blinken letter sent to the Afghan government tells them that the Biden administration intends to, "accelerate peace talks and to bring all parties into compliance with their commitments."

The peace talks are a joke and so are the commitments. 

But the plan is to "ask the United Nations to convene Foreign Ministers and envoys from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India and the United States to discuss a unified approach to supporting peace in Afghanistan".

A number of these countries are at war with each other. A few are at war with us. Few of them share Blinken's nonsensical claim of "an abiding common interest in a stable Afghanistan."

Iran is a Taliban ally and paid the Islamic terrorists money for killing Americans.

US intelligence agencies assessed that Iran offered bounties to Taliban fighters for targeting American and coalition troops in Afghanistan, identifying payments linked to at least six attacks carried out by the militant group just last year alone, including a suicide bombing at a US air base in December, CNN has learned.

"Bounties" were paid by a foreign government, identified to CNN as Iran, to the Haqqani network -- a terrorist group that is led by the second highest ranking leader of the Taliban -- for their attack on Bagram Air Base on December 11, which killed two civilians and injured more than 70 others, including four US personnel, according to a Pentagon briefing document reviewed by CNN.

The Haqqani network is also entangled with Al Qaeda. As is, despite the Democrat denials, Iran. And it's also tangled with Pakistan.

In an assessment of its work to counter terror financing and money laundering, the treasury department also provided information of close links maintained by the Afghan Taliban with al-Qaeda, even after the signing of the agreement with the US in February last year.

The Haqqani Network, once famously described by former chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff Admiral Mike Mullen as a “veritable arm” of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, was blamed along with the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) for last year’s attack on the Sikh place of worship in Kabul that killed almost 30 people.

“Senior Haqqani Network figures have discussed forming a new joint unit of armed fighters in cooperation with and funded by al-Qaeda,” the treasury department informed the Pentagon in a document dated January 4 but didn’t give further details.

The Biden administration intends to try to work with three state sponsors of Islamic terrorism, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey, to stabilize Afghanistan.

The only kind of Afghanistan they want is a place controlled by their Islamist allies.

But remember when the media was going on about Russian bounties. Unlike the Russian bounties, the Iranian bounties paid out to Al Qaeda-linked terrorists by Iran are funded by the United States.


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