Biden's First Press Conference - A Joint Media - Democrat Farce

It's hard to say who came off worse in Joe Biden's first press conference.

1. The career politician who once again stumbled through answering a bunch of softball questions.

2. The media which tossed Biden softball questions while avoiding any substantial issues.

There's not much that can be expected of Biden. Given time and whatever cocktail is being pumped into his veins, he can get through a speech or deliver a few talking points from a cheat sheet, but personal interaction is not at this point his strong suit. So Biden delivering another rambling, stumbling, and halting performance isn't news. The media however can be expected to at least ask basic and relevant questions about major issues.

Or not.

Surreally, the media didn't ask Biden about the coronavirus. The one topic that had occupied it for the worse part of a year somehow vanished from the scene. But, even more surreally, the media kept on pushing Democrat talking points about their plot to eliminate the filibuster. 

These were not challenging questions. They were talking point word salads that Biden still stumbled through. 

And, more pathetically, the media allowed Biden to get away with lying about the border surge without a single fact check in sight. 

But that's just business as usual. 

This was not a press conference. It was the press equivalent of a staged wrestling match in which all the moves are choreographed ahead of time, but the star is still too dazed to properly pull them off. The Democrat media gave Biden a staged platform to put on a show and he blew it.

Is it more humiliating to be the star who can't remember his lines or the patsies who can't aspire to anything better?


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