The DNC's Virtual Convention Was Really Coming From Martha's Vineyard

So much for the "We're All In This Together" in both senses of the phrase.

Forget statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico. If the Democrats were more honest, they would demand statehood for D.C. and Martha's Vineyard, per this anecdote from a WaPo review of ‘Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely won the Presidency’.

Planners of the Democratic Party’s virtual convention thought about featuring a national map that would highlight the locations of various speakers, thus countering the notion that the party was a club for coastal elites — only to can the idea when they realized multiple speakers would be broadcasting from Martha’s Vineyard.

It's awkward when you keep talking about how you represent the working class and the oppressed proletariat of Georgia and Pennsylvania while broadcasting from Martha's Vineyard. 

So, no map for you.

But, back to, "We're all in this together", the 'Vineyard' had a special status during the pandemic.

The ultra-rich are hoping to escape the coronavirus pandemic by fleeing to summer homes on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, drawing fury from locals who fear they will decimate supplies and bring the infection with them.

While locals protested, the summer people got their way. And, generally, the media tried to avoid covering the awkwardness of the elites enjoying a lifestyle that was now unavailable to the rest of the country.

A 1,000-word story about a Martha's Vineyard wedding was quietly deleted from Vogue's website on Tuesday after a resident complained to the magazine that the event had contributed to a coronavirus cluster on the island, the Vineyard Gazette reported.

The story made no mention of the attendees getting sick after the wedding, and in the nearly 70 photos included in the Vogue story, attendees were rarely seen wearing face masks or following social distancing, both outlets reported.

The couple in question was from Brooklyn. New York's wealthier areas had been emptied out by the pandemic.

About 5% of New Yorkers, over 400,000 people, left the city, abandoning trendy and wealthy neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The pandemic spread along their wake. Those who left included not only the elite, celebrities and billionaires, but the upscale wealthy liberals who keep the Democrats going nationwide.

The abandoned zip codes are also the ones that have been pouring money into left-wing politics.

That includes the 10022 zip code, the top money source in the 2018 election cycle, where between 40% to 30% of the population vanished. A quarter of the population of 10075, the tenth biggest money zip code in the cycle, vanished. Ditto for the eleventh, twelfth and fifteenth top election cash zip codes.

The New York City cash that fueled the 2018 Democrat wave was not together in this with us.

Or the 2020 election cash and its convention.


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