Don't Let the Media Change the Cuomo Scandal From Nursing Home Deaths to #MeToo

The Cuomo scandal began with the deaths of thousands of nursing home patients. Now the media wants to shift it over to #MeToo.

That's convenient because it avoids the most serious and damaging angle, the one that ought to lead to manslaughter charges, and instead pours some dirt on Cuomo in the hopes of getting him to resign.

Cuomo shouldn't be forced out to make way for a lefty over sexual harassment. He, and other Democrat governors, should face a reckoning over the deaths of tens of thousands of nursing home patients across 5 states.

The media has shifted over to #MeToo to protect their own from the fallout, including Governor Whitmer in Michigan, who has her own election coming up, Governor Newsom, who faces a recall election, and Rick Levine, who is joining the Biden administration.

Conservatives should keep the focus on nursing home deaths, that matter, rather than Cuomo being a pig with his aides, which does not.

The media values #MeToo over the deaths of thousands. We should not. And conservatives should resist the urge to just follow where the media goes.

The question of nursing home deaths could have changed the 2020 election if Republicans had used it. It can change the 2022 elections. We just have to stay focused on it. Local Republicans are pushing investigations and demanding answers. The national movement should be supporting them instead of running to gawk at the latest Cuomo #MeToo accusation that the media is throwing out as a distraction.


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