The Equity Credit Score is America's Social Credit System

There's been a great deal of talk about what the American equivalent of China's Social Credit System would look like. But as I discuss in an upcoming article, we already know what it looks like.

And it's been around for a while.

It's the Equity Credit Score. The name refers to a somewhat more recent buzzword, which when combined with cancel culture and Big Tech deplatforming, corporate crackdowns, and social policing, operates much in the same way as China's Social Credit System does.

When your Equity Credit Score drops, companies will fire you or refuse to do business with you, at lower levels of the ECS they will ban or censor you, or, at still lower levels, limit your reach or shadowban you. 

The Equity Credit Score is increasingly permeating all levels of society, from workplaces to financial institutions to the halls of government. 

Critical race theory indoctrination smooths the acceptance of ECS. We are told that the only people who object to ECS are either racists, or suffer from white fragility, internalized racism, or multiracial whiteness. 

Being on the wrong side of ECS means that police and prosecutors are more likely to take action against you. Yelp will smear your business, Visa will refuse to do business with you, and your books will be banned.

The final form of the Equity Credit Score is evolving, but more Americans are coming into contact with it every day. And as bad as China's Social Credit System is, the Equity Credit Score's transparent bigotry and oppressive nature is even worse.


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