Fauci, Who Spent the Pandemic Sending Mixed Messages, Complains About Mixed Messages

Should you wear masks? That depends on when you ask Fauci. And what else is going on at the time.

Fauci spent the pandemic trying to stake out multiple positions all the while operating under a fog of vagueness that made it all but impossible to pin him down on anything. He insisted on being the official expert, and yet offering little except doses of panic and reassurance with few facts embedded in them. To listen to a Fauci interview is to listen to a low-key sales pitch for a product without ever finding out what it is, what it does, or how much it's going to cost you, and then finding out that you bought it anyway. And no matter what's going on with the pandemic, Fauci's tone never changes.

 Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday that had he known a year ago what the death toll from Covid-19 would be, "it would have shocked me completely," and blamed the politicization of safety measures and "mixed messages" out of Washington for the high number of fatalities.

Mixed messages from the master of mixed messages.

Asked what went wrong, Fauci pointed to the “divisiveness in our country.”

“Even simple, commonsense public health measures took on a political connotation,” he said. “If you wanted to wear a mask, you were on this side. If you wanted to stay in and avoid congregate settings, you were on this side. It wasn't a pure public health approach. It was really very much influenced by the divisiveness that we had in this country.”

While the politicization of the pandemic was indeed a huge problem, Fauci, knowing the audience he's playing to, paints Republicans as the villains who rejected masks and social distancing because of divisiveness. He makes no mention of the fact that Democrats decided to endorse mass gatherings and then riots by Black Lives Matter. And that Fauci, like most of the health bosses, had nothing to say about it.

There's your mixed messaging. 

Fauci had plenty of attacks to make against President Trump, yet had nothing to say about Newsom and Cuomo. The greatest public health disaster of the pandemics was the decision to shove infected cases into nursing homes. Where was Fauci on that?

Or rather which network was he preparing to do a hit with while people went on dying? 


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