Gang Member Reports Self to Cops, Accuses Them of Racial Profiling

The media created the incentive for abuses like this. And this case out of Washington State reported by Jason Rantz shows how that can play out.

Police say Leverette called 911 on February 22 to report a Black teen in a tan hoodie. He was supposedly holding a handgun with a red bandana tied around it. That sometimes is used by gang members with the Bloods.

The caller identified himself as “Stacy Williams” and told a 911 operator that the teen was “too young to even have a pistol. He only looks 16, 17 years old.”

“Well, I’m at the bus stop, and there’s a colored young man and I can see a pistol right there,” he said on the 911 call, noting he was with his young sister at the time.

Who even says "colored"? Someone trying to imagine how a racist would talk. 

But the next day, Leverette told the DOC officer he was a victim of racial profiling.

According to the DOC officer, per the incident report, Leverette told him “he was stopped and frisked by ‘Everett Police’ for no reason the previous day because of ‘being black.'”

Self-profiling is a pernicious thing. Leverette may be suffering from internalized whiteness.

The incident report accused Leverette of a similar incident in December 2020. He made the call under the name “Eric Johnson.”

“I’m with my daughters right now,” the caller said. “There’s a young African American male teenage. He has on black and red. I’ve seen, he has a gun on him. And, you know, I have my children here.”

This is the mess that the media created. As did social media. Twitter has been happy to amplify every fake complaint of police misconduct and even doxxing of civilians... while censoring conservatives.

And plenty of abusers are happy to exploit that.


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