If the Capitol Riot was "Domestic Terrorism", Why Wasn't the BLM Attack on the White House?

Simple question.

The incredibly inept and useless FBI boss has declared that the FBI "views" the Capitol Riot as "domestic terrorism". 

Had the FBI declared Black Lives Matter riots to be domestic terrorism, the media and the ACLU would have been first in line to condemn that. There's a generally understood line between riots and terrorism. What happened at the Capitol was, despite false claims by Democrats and the media, a riot.

Like the leftist riots that had been happening throughout 2020.

If the Capitol Riot was domestic terrorism, then when Black Lives Matter besieged the White House, set fire to its gatehouse and to the Church of Presidents, why wasn't that domestic terrorism?

There's no coherent answer, except perhaps Merrick Garland's answer that it happened at night?

But the White House is always the center of government. President Trump and his family had to be rushed to the bunker when BLM attacked. Why doesn't that fit Wray and Garland's definition of domestic terrorism?

The obvious answer is the familiar one: it's different when they do it.

When your side does something wrong, then there it's a "tiny minority of extremists" from a "mostly peaceful protest". That's spin. And spin is second nature in politics. The problem kicks in when spin becomes the law. That's no longer politics, it's political discrimination.

If the FBI and the AG want to use the media's definition of domestic terrorism, they're going to have to explain the double standard on the lefty attack on the White House.


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