Jalihouse Call May Reveal Why Soros DA Dropped Charges Against BLM Train Derailers

The Soros DA in question is LA's George Gascon in close competition with SF's Chesa Boudin for the title of the worst pro-crime DA. 

While Gascon was backed by Soros, he was also funded by a variety of entertainment industry figures, including the wife of the Netflix CEO and Steven Spielberg, and his time in office has been characterized by a thuggery nearly as ruthless as the criminals he was selected to protect.

The targets of Gascon's thuggery were the prosecutors trying to do their job.

There have been some horrifying things that happened on Gascon's watch, but this might be yet another low.

Doyle has been a prosecutor in the L.A. County DA’s office for the past 34 years and had no blemishes in his personnel file until last December when Gascón ruled him insubordinate his first week in office...

At the time, Doyle was the head deputy district attorney in the Compton office and he was prosecuting this case against three anti-police protesters, Emanuel Padilla, Christopher Berg and Jasmine Lomax, all of whom had been charged with trying to derail a train at a protest near the Compton Sheriff’s Station on November 15...

Padilla, Lomax, and Berg were all later charged with felony attempted train wrecking, a charge that could carry life without parole, as well as a lesser felony count of unlawful obstruction of a railroad track, which carries a two to four-year sentence in county jail...

The next day, just hours after Gascón was sworn in, Doyle tells FOX 11 that he got a phone call from Mario Trujillo, a close ally of Gascon who serves on his executive staff.

"He told me that the DA has authorized me, Mario Trujillo, to direct you to dismiss the Padilla case for further investigation," Doyle said. "And I said, Mario, I know the case very well, what further investigation does the DA want? And he said I don’t know. And I told him I’m not comfortable dismissing what I know to be a good case, a viable prosecution, without knowing the reason why, and he said, well can you just dismiss it today and we’ll find out the reasons later? And I said no."

Now the interesting part of this is a jailhouse phone call. All of Gascon's abuses are for the most part legal. Voters chose to listen to the BLM/Soros/Netflix propaganda and made a deal with the devil by electing Gascon. But the phone call points to something potentially different.

FOX 11 has obtained some of Emanuel Padilla’s jail calls, recorded days before Gascón took office and dropped the entire case. In one call, Padilla is talking to his wife and an acquaintance about whether he should hire a high priced defense attorney, or if he should use his personal attorney, Jorge Gonzalez, a friend of Gascón’s who contributed $1,000 to Gascón’s race for DA, according to campaign finance records.

"In the meantime, Jorge might be able to get you out, the fact that he knows Gascón is pretty fu**ing big," the unknown acquaintance says."Yeah, agreed," Padilla replies.

[Unintelligible] what good is that gonna be in the end, it’s not the same as having Gascón’s ear, or having Jorge [Gonzalez] just fu**ing text him, cause he’s told me, I knew him before this, he’s shown me how he texts with him, so that’s like, uh, you know, having a good mechanic versus your best friend whose married to a mechanic at this point I think. He told me that he’s spoken to him, and when he brought it up to Gascón, Gascón said he had already started reading about what’s been happening because it’s been everywhere."

Gascon intervening extraordinarily on behalf of a case represented by a donor raises a whole bunch of interesting questions.





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