Pelosi, Capitol Police: Oh By the Way, There's No Actual Threat to the Capitol

Good to know guys. Good to know.

So why was there an extended military occupation of Washington D.C. Why is there still an occupation?

Pelosi's latest Dear Colleague letter states, "Today, you have received a letter sent by the Acting House Sergeant at Arms regarding the security posture of the Capitol.  The U.S. Capitol Police, working with federal, state and local intelligence partners, has concluded that “there does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.”  Therefore, alterations to the temporary fencing around the Capitol will soon be made, and the National Guard presence will also begin to draw down."

So all of this was a bunch of nonsense and lies?

The Department of Homeland Security used its National Terrorism Advisory System to issue a bulletin claiming that “a heightened threat environment across the United States” would continue for weeks.

"There are several upcoming events -- we don't know what they are -- over the next several weeks, and they're concerned that there could be situations where there are lawful protests, First Amendment-protected protests, that could either be used by malicious actors, or other problems that could emerge," Secretary of the Army John Whitley had argued.

The Capitol Police issued a press release claiming there was, "obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4."

The occupation was supposed to end on March 12. Instead it’s getting a two month extension.

The Democrat military occupation of Washington D.C. will now be extended until May 23.

Except that they've run out of threats and the new argument is the Capitol Police are inept. The extension was made over protests from the Army and the National Guard by Defense Secretary Austin: Biden's hack.

“It’s not just about a threat assessment, it's about assisting and supporting capabilities that the Capitol Police may now lack and may need to look at improving,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby claimed.

So there's no threat. There was never a threat. But now it can be told.


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