After 15 Years of No Elections, Biden Admin Fine w/PLO Postponing Election to Avoid Losing

And, it ought to go without saying, fine with anything the PLO does.

As I noted again last week, Biden's "point man" on the issue boasted of being inspired by the intifada and hates Israel almost as much as Obama.

“I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada,” Hady Amr wrote a year after September 11 while working with an anti-Israel group.

Politico described Amr as “the key U.S. official dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issue.” The Times of Israel called him, “Biden’s point-man on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Biden’s point man didn’t waste much time.

On February 1st, it was reported that Amr had spoken with Minister Hussein al-Sheikh of the Palestinian Authority.  

In response to efforts to get the PLO to stop rewarding terrorists, Al-Sheikh had declared that, “If we have one dollar, we will spend it on the families of our martyrs and prisoners.”

Al-Sheikh described his conversation with Amr as "positive."

It's unknown if Hady Amr is the anonymous source in question, but how many anonymous US officials under the Biden admin are willing to reassure a terrorist regime that its regime boss has a blank check for postponing elections?

That's a trick question. It is the Biden administration after all which thinks that guys like Hady Amr and Maher Bitar should be setting policy.

Washington would not object to a Palestinian Authority decision to postpone the legislative elections set for next month, an unnamed US source told the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper Friday,

The last elections were in 2006. That's not a typo.

The Obama administration was fine with no elections. So why should the Biden administration be any different? It's got most of the same players. If you can have no elections for 15 years, why quibble at a postponement?

The newspaper said voices in the PA calling for the postponement of the May 22 election were growing.

Those voices being the PA. 

The anonymous “informed” source told the outlet: “Certainly, the United States supports and encourages free, fair, transparent and periodic elections everywhere if possible.”

...if possible.

But it was also aware of various challenges faced by the Palestinians, including the coronavirus pandemic, economic problems and the duality of rule between the West Bank, dominated by the PA, and the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by the Hamas terror group.

These are pre-existing problems which have nothing to do with the election. The concern is the same old justification that the PLO is a tyranny that can't survive democratic elections.

And he added that “all signs indicate that the multiple divisions within Fatah, and the quasi-tribal conflict between the various factions of Fatah, will reduce its ability to mobilize the Palestinians in a way that enables them to defeat Hamas.”


The Biden administration supports free and fair elections. Unless their allies lose those elections.

Hamas is, obviously, an Islamic terrorist group. But so is the PLO.

If the PLO can't manage to win an election what in all the world is the legal basis for continuing to treat it as the legal representative of the so-called "Palestinians"?

Even more paradoxically, the Biden/Obama folks wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to be able to win elections in Egypt, but are opposed to them winning elections in Israel. Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood organization. The Biden team consists of people who insisted that Hamas has to be part of any agreement. Yet this scam needs the PLO as the world's least convincing "moderate" front for a failed two-state solution.

Meanwhile making it painfully clear that the terrorists Israel is supposed to negotiate with not only have no moral or legal legitimacy, but don't even represent the people they claim to be representing. 

He said he believed the Biden administration “will look with understanding at the possibility of postponing the elections for some time.”

Another 15 years?


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