Banning Plane Travel For the Environment? It's Happening in France

When you want to look at the roadmap of terrible lefty ideas coming to America, you first look to Europe. 

When it comes to identity politics and political correctness, America is worse than Europe in some ways. But when it comes to eco-fascism, Europe easily takes the cake.

And then bans it because cake causes obesity and that's bad for the environment.

France is set to ban short domestic flights in favor of train services, after lawmakers approved a plan that will see several air routes discontinued to reduce emissions.

But some have criticized President Emmanuel Macron for watering down proposals from his own environmental panel, which had recommended a ban on flights where a train journey would take less than four hours.

The €600 million ($714 million) government aid package for Austrian Airlines stipulated it cut its domestic flight emissions by 50% by 2050 and ended flights where a direct train alternative takes "considerably less than three hours."

In a similar move, the French government last year agreed on a €7 billion ($8.3 billion) rescue package for AirFrance that was tied to certain conditions, including "a drastic reduction of internal flights, limited to transfers towards hubs, whenever there is an alternative route by train that can be completed within two-and-a-half hours."

Considering how much our government subsidizes and controls airlines, it's not too hard to imagine this happening here.

Trying to fly when a train route is available won't be an option. Our economy is only becoming more centralized which means that pulling stunts like this will be absurdly easy. 

Don't worry. Government officials and assorted elites will fly private planes. But you'll spend four hours and then six and then ten on the road because the people who make the rules, but don't live by them, think train travel is romantic and want to save the planet from us.


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