Biden Admin Determined to Blame Mexican Cabinet Member for Border Crisis

Bold, if slightly baffling move.

Every administration, like a medieval European court, is basically a snake pit filled with treacherous backbiting and backstabbing. And considering the weakness at the top, that's especially true of the Biden administration.

A scandal is an opportunity for some strategic leaking and sabotage. 

And the border crisis has become an opportunity for some unknown figures in the Biden administration to shiv Xavier Becerra. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Becerra, if you recall, was California's slimy AG, who came after investigative journalists who had caught Planned Parenthood and their baby parts business on tape. He's also Biden's Mexican cabinet member and the administration's fall guy for the border crisis. Why Becerra? Despite the California thing, he's got plenty of D.C. experience, but seemingly not enough to fight back against the D.C. mediasphere leaks blaming him.

And it's gone high enough (if you believe the leakers) that Biden is blaming his Health and Human Services secretary for the housing mess.

Why Becerra? Two obvious answers come to mind.

1. Becerra is Kamala's guy and some of Biden's people would be happy to take out a Kamala cabinet member. Especially one known for his doglike loyalties. 

2. Someone wants his job. Or they want control of HHS before any kind of big move gets made. That big move might be a major contract or a socialized medicine push. Who knows. That part is purely speculative.

But the stars are aligning against Becerra. And if the border crisis worsens, he might be the first Biden administration member sent home to the showers.


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