Biden Admin Hangs Israel Out to Dry Over Attack on Iran's Terror Spy Ship

The anti-Israel Biden boys are back in town.

An Iranian ship thought to be used by Iran’s elite military force was attacked Tuesday near Saudi-Yemeni waters, both U.S. and Iranian officials said, in an apparent escalation of a conflict between Iran and its regional foes.

The attack of the Saviz, believed by U.S. officials and others in the region to be used for intelligence collection by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was attacked Tuesday in the Red Sea, officials said. 

Two notes on the missing context.

1. The IRGC is Iran's international terrorist hub. The Trump administration listed the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization.

2. This wasn't an "escalation" considering Iran's attack on Israel's MV Helios Ray in February. 

The Saviz has allegedly gathered intelligence for the IRGC and has been in the southern Red Sea off the western coast of Yemen since early 2017, several officials said. In Yemen, Iran is backing the rebel Houthi movement against the Saudi-backed government in a yearslong conflict.

So Israel may have been helping out the Saudis and the UAE here.

The Biden administration response is equally predictable from the Obama era.

1. Blame Israel for disrupting its new negotiations with Iran.

2. Leak information about Israel to its media

U.S. and Iranian officials said the incident, on the first day of the talks, could advance the agenda of those opposed to a rapprochement. “It’s clear what the timing intends to achieve,” one U.S. official said.

Hard as it may be for the Obama/Biden party to believe, not everything in the region is about them. Their entire narrative in which Israeli counterterrorist operations are an "extremist" effort to scuttle peace negotiations are a tired and discredited lie from a generation ago.

In this narrative, everything is really either an effort to conduct negotiations or to sabotage negotiations. In reality the negotiations are a joke and no one in the region takes them seriously.

But then we get to the unnamed Biden officials leaking information.

Israel notified the US that it is responsible for the Tuesday attack on an Iranian cargo ship affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, an American official told The New York Times.

All of this will no doubt be followed by having the usual suspects like Jeffrey Goldberg flood the zone by warning that Netanyahu is endangering the peace process with Iran because he's a racist.

You can't teach old treasonous dogs any new tricks.


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