Biden Falsely Describes Race Rioters Who Burned America as Marching "In Peace"

In the old cheesy B Movie flicks of space aliens invading the earth, there's always a moment where they declare, "We come in peace."

Spoiler alert: They don't.

Biden's response to the legal lynching of Derek Chauvin for the drug overdose death of George Floyd came with the false claim that the racist rioters and looters of the black supremacist Black Lives Matter hate movement had protested "in peace and with purpose".

Purpose, yes. Peace, no.

Unless Biden considers $2 billion in looting damage, at least 8 mostly peaceful murders, including that of a black 8-year-old girl, and the destruction of entire communities to be peaceful.

Here's what peace looks like in George Floyd Square and in Biden's America.

Two women had to hit the sidewalk as gunshots popped off during the day outside Finish Touch Boutique, a store near the south barricade of George Floyd Square, shop owner Willie Frazier said. Frazier's car was stolen from the square recently, too, he said, and it later turned up at the impound lot with the hood smashed.

Now Frazier is sending a distress call along with other Black business owners whose shops and restaurants have been cut off from the outside world by concrete barricades guarded by civilian gatekeepers surrounding 38th Street and Chicago Avenue. As violence disrupts the once-peaceful memorial where Floyd died during an encounter with Minneapolis police, the business owners said they felt abandoned by a city that has failed to protect their safety and livelihoods.

Not a whole lot of peace there. Or anywhere else that BLM got its way.

The wrongful verdict of a jury intimidated by, among others, Rep. Maxine Waters, had nothing to do with peace and everything to do with political terror.


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