Biden Picks Pro-Illegal Police Chief Who Evicted Border Patrol to Head CBP

I'm only surprised that Biden didn't pick an actual illegal alien to head CBP. That'll come a little later.

Meanwhile, Biden decided to nominate Tucson, Arizona police chief Chris Magnus, to head Customs and Border Protection.

Here's the high point of Magnus' career.

The row started on Friday when the Tucson Sector Border Patrol reported that a 5-foot-7, 215-lb man had escaped their custody during a visit to Banner University Medical Center, where he’d been taken for evaluation. The man had been arrested for illegal entry near Nogalez, Arizona.

According to a previously unreported posting on the Border Patrol Agency Facebook wall, the Tucson Police not only declined to help Border Patrol but actually evicted them from the Tucson Police Department, where they’d established a task force to try to track down the escapee.

Adding a layer of political intrigue to the situation is the fact that the Chief of Police in Tucson, Chris Magnus, is gay, and was thought to be the “first openly gay male police chief to marry.” 

Then Magnus decided to go all BLM.

As chief in Richmond, California, he was sued for $18 million by seven high-ranking black officers who claimed they had endured racial insults and that Magnus had systematically thwarted black officers from assuming leadership roles. (A jury rejected the claims and sided with Magnus and Richmond.)

Then the union members of his own department, the Richmond Police Officers Association, expressed shock and anger when a photo surfaced on Twitter that showed Magnus, in uniform, holding a #BlackLivesMatter Protest Sign sign at a rally supporting that cause. 

So he's a perfect fit for Biden.

It ought to go without saying that the head of a pro-illegal department who actually blocked the Border Patrol from doing its job has no place whatsoever heading up CBP, but Biden, like Obama, keeps appointing foxes to oversee the national henhouse.


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