Biden Seems To Be Looking to Blame Migrant Invasion on Kamala

Why put Kamala Harris in charge of the migrant crisis? 

Kamala obviously wasn't going to do anything useful, even so much as a photo op, and the only thing putting her in charge would be to shift the blame from Biden to his anticipated California successor.

The only thing this does is neutralize accusations of racism while giving Kamala Harris a job she can't succeed at. 

Maybe someone in the Biden admin is smarter than we think.

Since I wrote that, Biden seems to be making a point of dumping on a Kamala ally in his administration. 

The pressure is producing tension inside the White House. President Biden expressed frustration with Xavier Becerra, his new secretary of health and human services, in a White House meeting on March 30, for what the president views as bureaucratic holdups in increasing capacity, according to two administration officials familiar with the exchange.

White House leaks are routine but rarely accidental. They're not accidentally leaked, nor are they accidentally run by national newspapers.

So someone in the White House and at the New York Times is looking to hurt Xavier Becerra. And Becerra is obviously a core Kamala ally.

 Is the Biden administration playing a double game, fueling the crisis, but also using it to undermine a Veep who's also a potential opponent?


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