Biden Spends 100 Times More on Electric Cars Than Fighting Coronavirus Variants

Big Green gave Biden and Democrats a whole lot more money than people who died of the coronavirus. (Though rumor has it they still voted for Biden-Harris).

And so Biden is prioritizing spending accordingly.

The original strain of COVID-19 comprises only about half of all cases in America today. New and potentially dangerous strains of the virus make up the other half. In order to improve the detection, monitoring, and mitigation of these COVID-19 variants, the Biden Administration is rapidly investing $1.7 billion from the American Rescue Plan to help states and other jurisdictions more effectively fight these mutations.

The American Rescue Plan, like the Holy Roman Empire, isn't American and isn't rescuing anything except Democrat special interests, but it's a plan.

$1.7 billion sounds like a lot.  Except it's not. That's out of a $1.9 trillion plan.

Meanwhile, Biden wants to spend 100 times or $174 billion on electric cars and chargers which can cost as much as $260,000. And is likely to benefit a firm on whose board Jennifer Granholm, his Secretary of Energy, used to sit.

Those are Biden's priorities, putting special favors for Tesla owners ahead of Americans.


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