Duke Economics Prof Says Small Businesses Should Go Under and Get Federal Jobs

Courtesy of the Under Fire Youtube account highlighted a clip from this webinar by Denison Professor Fadhel Khaboub titled “Labor and the Jobs Guarantee".

The "Jobs Guarantee" would be a massive government welfare state.

Also participating was Duke Economics professor and reparations activist William A. Darity Jr., along with the founder of the DSA EcoSocialist Working Group, Sydney Ghazarian, and Kari Thompson from United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE)

Darity, whom Duke lists as a "Samuel DuBois Cook Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, a Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy, a Professor of African and African American Studies, and a Professor of Economics", suggested that small businesses should go under if they can't pay their workers whatever wage lefties deem to be mandatory, and get a federal jobs guarantee instead. 

The Democrats are no longer even pretending to have anything less than the destruction of Main Street in mind.


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