Facebook Catches Palestinian Authority Spying On Human Rights Activists

By all means. Let's turn on the cash spigot to the terrorist state that spies on its own people.

Washington would not object to a Palestinian Authority decision to postpone the legislative elections set for next month, an unnamed US source told the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper Friday,

That's the same election that had already been postponed for 15 years. 

The Biden administration wants Israel to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority as the representative of a fictional people while the PLO entity avoids elections and just got caught doing this.

Facebook says it has disrupted a long-running cyberespionage campaign run by Palestinian intelligence which features spies posing as journalists and the deployment of a booby-trapped app for submitting human rights stories.

In a report published Wednesday, Facebook (FB.O) accused what it said was the cyber wing of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service (PSS), which is loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas, of running rudimentary hacking operations that targeted Palestinian reporters, activists, and dissidents, as well as other groups in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Remember, the Biden regime wants to get "security" funds flowing to the PLO. That means, aside from the terrorism targeting Israel, stuff like this which is typical of a totalitarian terror state.

The PSS had intensified its activities over the past six months or so, Dvilyanski said. He said Facebook believed that the organization had deployed some 300 fake or compromised accounts to target roughly 800 people overall.

Why would the PLO's thugs have been amping up their efforts? The upcoming election.

Don't worry. The Biden administration will ignore this just like it ignores the internal death squads and torture by the regime it supports.


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