First PLO Election in 15 Years Postponed Again

After decades of this stuff, the PLO has long ago run out of new tricks. All its tricks are old, the State Department, the EU, and the media just politely pretend not to notice when the terrorists pretending to be a country do exactly the thing every pro-Israel activists says they'll do.

In this case, that's postpone the first election in 15 years while blaming the postponement on Israel.

The PLO got the Biden administration's approval beforehand for this move.

Washington would not object to a Palestinian Authority decision to postpone the legislative elections set for next month, an unnamed US source told the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper Friday,

And is blaming Israel.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday postponed planned parliamentary elections amid a dispute over voting in Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem and splits in his Fatah party.

Abbas, 85, blamed Israel for uncertainty about whether it would allow the legislative election to proceed in Jerusalem as well as in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

As usual, that's not the real reason.

When there are free elections, Hamas wins. That's because the so-called 'Palestinians' want a war of extermination against the Jews. They're not looking for a peace deal.

Since no one is allowed to say that, everyone will go on pretending that it's Israel's fault that the PLO hasn't had an election in 15 years.

The dispute over Jerusalem was the principal reason cited by Abbas in a speech early Friday following a meeting of Palestinian political factions.

"Facing this difficult situation, we decided to postpone the date of holding legislative elections until the participation of Jerusalem and its people is guaranteed," Abbas said in the speech on Palestinian TV.

This gives Abbas a permanent excuse to never hold elections while blaming Israel. This is also in microcosm how the PLO deals with everything.


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