Have New York City Voters Burned Out on the Left?

New York City went from being run by a Republican and a moderate Democrat, and descended into hard leftist under De Blasio. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's win, the defeat of Rep. Elliot Engel, and the campaign to replace Cuomo with a Socialist seemed to solidify the city and perhaps even the state as leftist territory. And yet, despite all that, the Left seems unable to get a grip on the upcoming mayoral election.

A survey conducted by Data For Progress, a national think tank, found 26 percent of voters are supporting Yang’s candidacy — double the 13 percent who said they would support Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. 

The poll also found Yang leading Adams 25 to 22 percent among Black voters — a surprising number given the borough president’s political base in predominantly African-American parts of Brooklyn. Data For Progress polled 1,007 likely voters between March 21 and April 5 through web and text interviews, which would not necessarily capture the older New Yorkers Adams — a former police officer and state Senator — is counting on.

City Comptroller Scott Stringer, a career politician from Manhattan, captured 11 percent of those surveyed, and former City Hall attorney and MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley came in fourth at 10 percent. Every other candidate polled in single digits.

The Left and the media have been pushing Wiley. She is the model of what the Left wants. Instead, Yang is far ahead despite the media's efforts to destroy him. And while I'm no fan of Eric Adams, he's far too moderate these days for the Left.

Could the Left win St. Louis while losing New York to moderate Democrats? The media is doing its best to stop Yang. With no effect. 

Why is Yang polling better with black voters than Adams or Wiley? One answer might be that a big chunk of the electorate in New York City is sick and tired of the lunatic Left.

And wants Democrat moderates.

New Yorkers have had enough of the Bill de Blasio era. 


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