If the Democrats Want to Make D.C. a State, California Should Be Split in Two

State-packing, like court-packing, is a fairly obvious gimmick for creating a permanent Democrat majority by rigging the rules.

If the Democrats really wanted representation for D.C. residents, they would urge retrocession to Maryland. Instead, Democrats, despite dominating both D.C. and Maryland, violently oppose any such proposal.

Their goal isn't representation. It's turning a government city that already concentrates far too much power and wealth in one place into its own state.

If the Democrats really insist that D.C. statehood is the only answer, then they can trade for splitting California in half. Or allowing those parts of Oregon that are conservative and American to become their own state. There are numerous such options on the table for conservative parts of states trapped in a system dominated by Democrat bloc votes run out of urban areas. All the Democrats have to do is horse trade.

Obviously, they don't want that either because it's not about statehood for D.C. as a moral issue, but about packing the United States.

Democrats would never agree to statehood for D.C. if it meant adding another conservative state. And, if D.C.'s population were likely to vote Republican, we would be seeing equally frenzied arguments for why D.C. statehood is a legacy of systemic racism and must be stopped.

This is about power. Absolute power. Period, full stop. 

It's not about fairness, justice, or representation. Just tyranny. And what better embodiment of tyranny could there be than statehood for the imperial city that already exercises far too much power over the lives of most Americans.


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