If Dems Really Believe Trump is a Russian Agent, Why is Biden Leaving His Ambassador in Russia?

If President Trump were a Russian agent, certainly anyone he picked to serve as ambassador to Russia would be serving a Russian agenda? 

When President Trump picked Secretary of State Pompeo's deputy, John Sullivan, for the job, there was some media grumbling. At his confirmation hearings, Senate Democrats gave their usual speeches.

And confirmed him anyway.

In January, the Biden administration announced that, unlike most of President Trump's appointees, they were asking Sullivan to stay on. And the current announcement is that Sullivan will have the job for the foreseeable future even as the Russians told him to go home for "consultations".

This isn't about Sullivan, but about the baseline hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Democrats who have spent 4 years trying to bring down President Trump over false claims that he was a Russian puppet, yet are keeping his man in Moscow... in Moscow.

It's yet another implicit admission that all of this was a scam and that they knew it all along.



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