Judge Says Rep. Maxine Waters' Incitement May Provide Grounds for Appeal

Remember, it's not incitement or insurrection when our leftist ruling class does it.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the House should reject a GOP move to censure Waters for her comments.

“It’s a totally phony effort to distract from what the Republicans know has been the rhetoric of so many of their members, which has aided and abetted and condoned violent activity,” the Maryland Democrat said Tuesday.

Hoyer defended Waters telling protesters to “stay on the street" and “get more confrontational.”

“To confront is to come face to face with what you need to, ah, face or to deal with, and that is what she said,” Hoyer said when a reporter asked how Democratic leaders planned to respond to Waters. “It does not imply violence.”

Hoyer said even if the term “may well imply an aggressive confrontation,” the GOP was in no position to criticize.

So even if it's an aggressive confrontation, that's okay.

Now, remember the Dem impeachment case against President Trump pretty much came down to his use of the word "fight" in a speech before the Capitol Riot even happened. Rep. Maxine Waters was telling a racist movement responsible for some of the worst race riots in our nation's history to get more confrontational after the fact.

Especially if a jury that is half minority doesn't lynch a police officer on command.

Speaking after the jury was sent out on Monday afternoon, Chauvin's attorney Eric Nelson once again made a bid to have the case against his client thrown out on grounds that there was no way the jury could be untainted by the excessive publicity surrounding the case.

'Now that we have US representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to this trial it's frankly mind-blowing,' Nelson said.

Taking it into consideration Judge Peter Cahill said: 'I grant that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.' 

Judge Cahill denied Nelson's move for a mistrial but he said: 'I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case. They should respect a co-equal branch of government.'

Leftists only respect their own authority. If they're declaring the Constitution racist while plotting to pack the nation's highest court, you can't expect them to respect a lower court.


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