Lawsuit Accuses Bill de Blasio and NYC of Systemic Racism Against Asians

Exactly the sort of thing that the media won't talk about while falsely blaming every mugging by a thug freed from prison by Democrats on President Trump.

There is systemic racism in America. It doesn't involve vicious criminals like George Floyd or Daunte Wright, but Asian-Americans who are systemically discriminated against by Democrats in the educational system. The Democrat effort to dismantle merit-based admissions to high schools in New York and San Francisco led to major protests by Asian-Americans.

And, as this lawsuit reported on by the Wall Street Journal alleges, retaliatory discrimination by the Democrat regime in New York City.

The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status and names Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department, claims that at a DOE town hall meeting in Brooklyn in February 2020 about the controversial gifted program, the agency “treated Asian-Americans differently from non-Asians by prohibiting, restricting and/or limiting Asian-Americans’ access” to the meeting.

The parents and their co-plaintiff, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York, also allege that they were unfairly detained in retaliation for protesting outside the building before the meeting. 

Plaintiff Siu-Lin Linda Lam was “physically grabbed by police officers and school security agents and prevented from going inside the school building,” according to the group’s lawyer, Laura Barbieri.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York press release states in part that...

After the demonstration, the Asians attempted to enter the School building to attend the Town Hall peacefully. They were selectively blocked from entering the School, were told not bring signs into the School, and were selectively searched for them, and were physically manhandled by Department of Education and Police Department employees. At the same time, non-Asian members of the public were allowed through to enter the School to attend the Town Hall, without being stopped, and without being asked and searched for signs, which they did have. This is egregiously racist and illegal

Sixty years ago, Governor George Wallace blocked African-Americans at a schoolhouse door in Alabama. Today, Carranza’s Department of Education blocked Asian-Americans at a schoolhouse door in Brooklyn

The Democrat legacy of racism continues. Another article notes that, "Several parents were directly pushed to the ground and injured."



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