Makiyah Bryant, BLM's Latest Martyr, Shot While Trying to Stab Teenage Girl

The media's lie brigade showed up bright and early in Columbus, Ohio, when Makiyah Bryant was shot while trying to stab a teenage girl. 

The stories declared that Makiyah Bryant was a "sweet child", an "honor student", and another victim of this country's brutal systemic racism in which people shoot innocent people to... protect them from stabbing a black teenage girl.

And that's what happened in this case.

 The officer takes a few steps toward a group of people in the driveway when the girl, who was Black, starts swinging a knife wildly at another girl or woman, who falls backward. 

The officer shouts several times to get down.

The girl with the knife then charges at another girl or woman who is pinned against a car.

From a few feet away, with people on either side of him, the officer fires four shots, and the teen slumps to the ground. A black-handled blade similar to a kitchen knife or steak knife lies on the sidewalk next to her.

Roxane Gay immediately tweeted, "Makiyah Bryant, 15 years old, killed by police this afternoon in Columbus, Ohio. What is there even to say. That poor child."

She's 16, but if she had stabbed the other girl, would Roxane feel better? Lefties do seem to love the stabbers, not so much the stabbed.

Makiyah's mother was all over the news, while the media neglected to inform the public that she was actually living with a foster family.

Black Lives Matter quickly got the rioting started, along with chants of, "Say her name, Makiyah."

The proper headline here would have been, "Officer's Quick Thinking Saves Black Teenage Girl's Life". But social justice riots are the goal here.

“The police are going to lie. I’m so thankful that someone from the family was actually on the scene,” Bryant said before the release of the body-cam footage. “The police are going to lie. The police are going to cover up for themselves. They don’t care. At this point, I feel like they’re just out to kill Black people. They’re not here to protect and serve. That isn’t happening. That’s been over a long time ago. They’re not here to protect and serve. They’re here to kill Black folks.”

"Before the release of the body-cam footage." 

“It looks to me like that’s what the police wanted to do, to kill her. I’m just trying to figure out why,” Ila Bryant said.

It's a mystery. 

Hana Abbur-Rahim, the lead organizer of Black Abolitionist Collective Ohio, told The Daily Beast the shooting was proof of an alarming trend.

“It’s important to recognize that Black women are being killed by the police. Why can’t we be safe in our own homes?” she said.

Good question.


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