MILLIONS TUNE OUT: Biden's Ratings Half of Trump's

The Democrat media keeps touting the very positive numbers for Biden's rambling address demanding trillions of dollars, unlimited power, and the elimination of those civil rights he doesn't like.

But those numbers come from a very select group and there wasn't much of an audience either in Congress or in the country.

In unadjusted fast affiliate data, the President’s speech drew around 11.6 million viewers in the 9 PM ET hour. Add, Univision (1.08 million) and Telemundo (884,000) to that batch of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and the result inches up to 13.5 million for the speech that started around 9:10 PM ET.

ABC was in first place with 3.5 million viewers in that 9 PM ET hour. CBS was close behind with 3.3 million, followed by NBC’s 3.2 million and Fox’s 1.6 million.

Those aren't the very final numbers, which they'll still massage as hard as they can, but it is significantly down from President Trump's first address whose initial numbers were nearly twice as big as Biden's.

ABC was next with a 1.2/4 rating and an audience of 5.13 million. CBS followed with a 1.0/3 and 6.59 million tuning in, and Fox had a 0.8/3 rating and 2.72 million watching between 9 and 10:30 PM.

Overall, the speech had a combined demo of 5.0 or 19% better than Obama’s last SOTU last year.

NBC saw the biggest jump with Trump’s speech over last year’s SOTU in the 18-49 demo with a 33% surge. ABC was up 20%, Fox rose 14%

The final numbers for President Trump hit 48 million. That was generally the case until 2020. 

Again, the media will massage Biden's final numbers to deliver a larger rating, but the early numbers show pretty clear that few were interested.

And that's understandable. 

Biden doesn't have much to say. He's unveiling plans, but isn't an interesting speaker and doesn't have much to offer. Everyone knows what he's going to say before he says it. And that's even without the rambling erratic delivery. Even if you support him, why bother tuning in?


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