No $2,000 Checks, But Biden Directs $250 Million to "Palestinian" Terrorists

The trillion dollar printing press known as the American taxpayer is back on the hook, this time for a whopping first installment of some $250 million in aid to the PLO terrorists and their allies operating in Gaza and the West Bank thinly disguised as humanitarian aid.

The United States is pleased to announce that, working with Congress, we plan to restart U.S. economic, development, and humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.  This includes $75 million in economic and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza, $10 million for peacebuilding programs through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and $150 million in humanitarian assistance for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).  We are also resuming vital security assistance programs.  All assistance will be provided consistent with U.S. law.  Economic assistance includes support for small and medium enterprises’ recovery from the effects of COVID-19; support for needy households to access basic human needs, such as food and clean water; and assistance for Palestinian civil society.  A portion of this funding will support the East Jerusalem Hospital Network, as it continues to provide necessary and life-saving treatments to Palestinians.  This funding is in addition to the $15 million in humanitarian assistance to address the COVID-19 pandemic and food insecurity the United States announced in March.

UNRWA's ground level operations are in many regards identical to those of Hamas, with Hamas operatives having roles in the actual operations, and with Hamas using UNRWA facilities strategically and offensively. 

$150 million for UNRWA is a present to the terrorists.

Economic and development assistance inevitably goes to organizations and companies allied with the terrorists. So does most aid and this is routine in areas controlled by Islamic terrorists.

USAID "peacebuilding programs" invariably go to leftist, anti-Israel, and BDS  groups which build no peace. But they're the least toxic part of this terror sandwich.  

Biden's State Dept claims that all aid "will be provided consistent with U.S. law" even though the Taylor Force Act barred much of what Biden is proposing to do. But then again Biden's old boss contrived to bypass US law by shipping pallets of foreign currency on unmarked planes to Iran. I'm sure Obama's old hands won't even have to get that creative.

There'll be no $2,000 checks for Americans, but there'll be a quarter of a billion first installment to the terrorists who have killed Americans.


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