The Organizational Establishment Failure to Fight Anti-Semitism (VIDEO)

(Screenshot courtesy of the important Confrontation at Concordia documentary)

Yesterday, I discussed the Tablet survey which showed that post-grads, more likely to be a leftward bent, are actually more likely to support discriminatory policies against Jews.

For example...

People with advanced degrees were 12 percentage points more likely to support the military in prohibiting a Jewish yarmulke than in prohibiting a Sikh turban as part of the uniform.


People with advanced degrees were 36 percentage points more likely to want Orthodox Jewish funerals prohibited than BLM protests.

Tying into that conversation, Charles Jacobs, the indefatigable president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, who has appeared here a number of times before, has a three-part interview with Scott Jacobs of JooTube.TV (no relation to Charles) about the failure of the organizational Jewish establishment to deal with antisemitism from the Left.

As JooTube notes, "The Passover Haggdah reminds us: "In every generation they arise to destroy us!" Dr. Charles Jacobs, a pioneer in combating modern-day slavery and fighting anti-Semitism (co-founded The David Project, Boston's CAMERA, and Americans for Peace and Tolerance) expresses his experience with liberal, Jewish community mismanagement failing to represent the Jewish interest against anti-Semitic denigration among Muslims, Blacks, and the Left (mainstreamed through Biden/Harris regime's critical race theory and the Ethnic Studies Curriculum)."


As JooTube notes, "Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance in Boston, asks whether liberal Jews' loyalty to the Democratic Party - and enmity against "Trumpers" and Republicans - has paralyzed them from defending Klal Yisroel against anti-Semitism from Leftists in civic establishment, political religious and ethnic scapegoating, and within the Democratic Party?" 

In the final video, "Human-rights crusader, Charles Jacobs, president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance in Boston, gives examples of why he questions whether Jewish community leaders' tribalist loyalty to the liberal bias of their donors (and the Democratic Party) plus their requisite animosity towards conservatives, has paralyzed leaders tasked to protect Jews from anti-Semitism from challenging anti-Semitism from the Left."




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