Soros Spending $20 Mil to Back Biden Trillions Green Scam

Biden's infrastructure plan is terrible, but somehow its terribleness doesn't quite seem up to Soros' standards. George doesn't usually get involved just to push a few trillion to special interests. 

So why now?

The Open Society Foundations are pledging $20 million to jumpstart as much as $100 million for a campaign to rally progressives around President Biden's infrastructure and social welfare proposals.

Why it matters: Backing from the George Soros-founded group could serve as an important call to action for Democratic donors and activists who support Biden's initial $2 trillion+ infrastructure plan but want to see him go bigger.

Details: The $20 million investment will come from George Soros’s main foundation and his 501(c)4 advocacy group to activate many of the grassroots progressive organizations that took the lead in opposing President Trump’s agenda.

This round of money would be directed to grassroots organizing — not paid advertising.

A few curious things here.

What's being mobilized here is the organizing network. What that really means is that Soros money is being used to leverage control over a variety of groups, actual independent organizations and front groups, to get them to support the Biden trillions for special interests train wreck. 

Is this being done to counter Republicans or fellow lefties?  

Thanks to media propaganda, and the fact that the average person doesn't know that only some 5% of this is going to roads, bridges, and tunnels that represent 99% of the marketing for it, means that the polling numbers for it are fairly good. There's a reason that Democrats wrap their worst pork up as infrastructure bills. So the obvious question is why bother? Unless this is really about deterring other lefties. And if so, why?

Two answers come to mind.

1. There's something in there that Soros especially wants 

2. Soros is helping out Biden in the expectation that the Democrats will owe him yet another big favor.


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