Thug Who Attacked Asian Man May Not Be Charged With Hate Crime Because He's Not Discriminating Enough

Discrimination is a problem. So is a lack of it.

The latest thug in the spotlight for attacking an Asian man in New York City falls into the first of the usual two categories of the thugs behind the attacks, (Hint: It's not Trump supporters.)

1. Career criminals

2. Crazies, junkies, and mentally ill homeless people

There's plenty of overlap there.

And while the latest attacker apparently wasn't a fan of Asian people, his racism may have been a little too broad.

Police are investigating a vicious attack on an Asian man in broad daylight on the Upper East Side.

The incident happened Monday afternoon at the corner of 72nd Street and Lexington Avenue.

I remember back when the Upper East Side was safe. But that was before Mayor De Blasio and the Democrats filled the streets with criminals and junkies, and shut down the criminal justice system.

The shouts reverberated through the neighborhood as a man ranted and raved after attacking the innocent victim in the middle of the day.

"I'm gonna kill somebody, get out of my face," the suspect shouted.

Fairly typical. Unfortunately.

Though, when it comes to hate, it isn't clear the suspect was all that discriminating.

One woman says he went after her too and yelled about Chinese people, Spanish people and white people before asking her if she wanted him to kill her.

So far police have not yet classified the incident as a hate crime, but they are looking at it closely.

Why is a guy who hates Asian, Spanish and White people not considered all that discriminating? It seems like he hates all groups except his own race. That would make him a racial supremacist. Not all that unusual. But not a topic that the media would like to introduce in this case.

Odds are that it's another career crazy who has been in and out of the system forever. So it's time for the media to blame it on President Trump.


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