Washington Post: "Defiant Republicans Test the Resolve of Corporations"

It's been a whirlwind few years with principles being thrown to the wind. 

And as part of that lefties have decided that we should all submit to their woke corporations. How else do you explain this fantastic headline from the Washington Post. "As the voting-rights fight moves to Texas, defiant Republicans test the resolve of corporations that oppose restrictions".

Defiant Republican elected officials are testing the resolve of the corporations who rightfully govern us. It's an insurrection.

Words matter. Obviously. They're the building blocks of beliefs and principles. Even when you think you don't intend to convey your worldview, you do anyway.

And the Washington Post, the ultimate fusion of woke government and woke corps, through its ownership by Amazon monopolist titan Jeff Bezos, is the best possible messenger for this new oligarchy.

How dare elected officials defy the wrath of Woke Inc? 


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