Being Promised a "Socialist Paradise" Always Ends in "Hell"

About the only extraordinary thing about this New York Times story of Korean refugees living in Japan who moved to North Korea is the headline.

It's an extraordinary headline for a paper that was complicit in covering up the crimes of the Soviet Union and even after its fall launched a revisionist history enterprise.

"They Were Promised a Socialist Paradise, and Ended Up in ‘Hell,’ is the current headline. And I wouldn't be too surprised if it changes.

The article itself makes no mention of socialism, nor of the ideology that made North Korea so hellish. And yet the article's threadbare story could just as easily have been told about westerners coming to the Soviet Union, including African-Americans, well before all this took place.

The story of people moving to socialist paradises only to find that they're miserable hellholes with ubiquitous poverty and totalitarian brutality is an old one. And yet the story keeps repeating itself because the media, including the New York Times, keep selling the same political snake oil.

And even more damagingly, the media keeps pushing to transform America into a socialist paradise. Will their kids be shocked when they too end up in a socialist hell?


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