Biden to Boost Immigration While Shutting Down Vetting

When Democrats push to open up the floodgates to massive numbers of immigrants, illegal aliens, and migrant refugees, they boast about their fantastic vetting. As I've written in the past, this vetting mainly moves around paperwork to create a hollow appearance of activity.

Ask a politician how the “refugees” will be vetted and he’ll start talking about the number of government agencies involved, how many months it lasts and all the different types of checks.

It sounds impressive, but it’s meaningless paperwork. Bureaucrats will move piles of paper around that say things like, “We have no information.” More “layers of screening” will mean more pieces of paper.

The only people we can effectively vet are already in our system. The passports carried by migrants are often fake. Even Syrians will carry fake passports to hide their identities. Iraqis, Afghans and even Africans have shown up claiming to be Syrians. And the Syrian refugees themselves say they can’t always tell which of them is fake. If they can’t tell, how will some government employee from Milwaukee?  

We have held terrorists at Guantanamo Bay for a decade without ever learning their real names. If we can’t put a name to a single terrorist from a functioning country after a decade, how can we possibly be sure who the tens of thousands of migrants showing up from non-functioning countries are?

We can’t.

Biometric information may work for terrorists who were once in our custody, but it’ll be completely useless for terrorists that neither we nor our allies have ever encountered before.

The products of that "careful vetting" that Dems and some GOPers talk up, have turned out to be terrorists.

Notable Iraqi refugees include Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi.

Alwan and Hammadi were thoroughly vetted before they were resettled in Nevada and Kentucky. The only omission in their thorough vetting was an unfortunate failure to note that the refugees were terrorists who had spent years trying to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

Alwan had boasted that of how he had “f___d up” Hummers using IEDs and admitted to having taken part in an attack that killed Americans.

He had even left his fingerprints on an IED in Iraq. But the thorough vetting had failed to turn that up.

Alwan and Hammadi tried to send grenade launchers, plastic explosives, missiles and machine guns to the branch of Al Qaeda that would become ISIS. Meanwhile the Al Qaeda in Iraq plotter had quit his job and was living in public housing and collecting public assistance. Like so many other “refugees”.

Trump promised "extreme vetting" which, at the very least, meant biometrics. Biden is tossing the biometrics and enhanced vetting in the trash.

The Biden administration plans to withdraw a Trump-era proposal that would have greatly expanded the biometric data collected from immigrants, quashing a policy that would have allowed the government to demand eye scans, DNA and other data from those seeking to come to the U.S.

And then the Biden administration and its media allies will assure Americans that all the illegals and refugees have been thoroughly vetted.

Just don't ask how.

A basic common sense approach would be not to allow anyone into the country if we don't have any way to confirm who they are. And that means anyone coming from defunct countries that are little more than war zones.

But Biden won't even allow for meaningful biometric vetting because bringing Islamic terrorists to America is the north star of the Democrats.


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