Biden, Celebrates Freedom of Press, For All Media Except Those Who Report on Hunter Biden

A free media is really important unless it reports on Hunter Biden. Or the fundraiser crew. And then it has to be deplatformed or locked in a closet.

Vice President Joe Biden was in the Orlando area last week headlining a private fundraiser for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. Journalist Scott Powers of the Orlando Sentinel was selected as the pool reporter, but to prevent him from mingling with guests before the veep arrived, Biden's team basically locked the journalist in a closet.

"Turns out the veep hadn't arrived, but about 150 guests (minimum donation $500) were already in the house," the Sentinel's recount reads. "So to prevent Scott from mingling with the crowd, a member of Biden's advance team consigned him to a storage closet — and then stood outside the door to make sure he didn't walk out without permission."

Powers was locked in the closet for about 90 minutes and allowed out only to hear Nelson and Biden deliver their remarks. He was then locked back in the closet in the private home of developer Alan Ginsburg.

Now, Biden has issued a statement about the importance of freedom of the press for those parts of it not reporting on Hunter Biden.

"Then, as now, we celebrate the courage of truth-tellers who refuse to be intimidated, often at great personal risk, and we reaffirm the timeless and essential role journalism and a free media play in societies everywhere," Biden's statement claims.

Especially those truth-tellers who report on Hunter Biden and are censored for it.

"Journalists uncover the truth, check the abuse of power, and demand transparency from those in power," Biden continued with no sense of irony considering that he was the second banana in an administration that repeatedly targeted journalists and whistleblowers.

Then Biden compared reporters to nurses, falsely claiming that, "throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists and media workers have been on the front lines to keep the public informed, at significant risk to their own health."

The front lines of what?

"It is incumbent on all of us to counter these threats to a free and independent media, including physical risk and arbitrary detention," Biden argued.

Like being arbitrarily detained in a closet.

"Authoritarians are striving to undermine the free press, manipulate the truth, or spread disinformation," Biden said, whose allies repeatedly deplatform a free press, manipulate the truth, and spread disinformation.

"Today, on World Press Freedom Day, we celebrate the fierce bravery of journalists everywhere. We recognize the integral role a free press plays in building prosperous, resilient and free societies. And we recommit to protecting and promoting free, independent, and diverse media around the world," Biden concluded.

Unless the media freely reports on Hunter Biden.


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